How to Quickly Remove Burrs from Fingers

Posted on Sep 27, 2020 in Beauty treatment

How to Quickly Remove Burrs from Fingers

Finger burrs can be a real pain when you’re out in the field. They get stuck in your gloves and then poke at your fingers when you take them off. So it’s time to remove these pesky things for good with this handy guide.

They’re easy to remove if you act quickly but can be challenging to get rid of if they’ve been on for a while. This blog post will show you how to safely remove burrs from your fingers with just one simple household item!

  • DO NOT use tweezers or other metal tools as these may cut the sensitive skin around your fingernails.
  • Use an ice cube or cold spoon instead because it won’t damage the surface tissue like tweezers.
  • Draw the cold object across the top of each finger in a straight line, starting at the nail bed and going all the way up to where your finger

Get rid of finger burrs on hand

Finger-burrs are a nuisance to remove, but here’s how to do it. Step 1: Wash your hands with soap and water. Step 2: Apply petroleum jelly around the edges of the burr–try not to get any on your skin. Step 3: Take a piece of tissue paper or cotton ball and gently press on the top edge of the burr from underneath while pulling up at an angle toward you. This should lift both layers of skin away from each other, allowing you to peel off one layer without hurting yourself–the lower section will stay embedded in your finger, so don’t try pulling that out!

Burr removal of nails

The fingernails of many women are full of tiny burrs and snags. This is often the result of wearing gloves while gardening or working in the yard or from contact with rough surfaces such as concrete sidewalks or wood floors. These small but irritating pieces of plant material can get caught under nails and cause pain, infection, and permanent damage to nail beds if not removed quickly.

After a day of gardening, it’s not uncommon to find burrs clinging to fingers and clothes. These prickly little pests can be difficult to remove from clothing because they get caught in the fabric fibers. One way to remove them is by using a lint roller or sticky tape. You can also use rubbing alcohol on your hands and then wash your hands with soap and water for extra protection against any lingering allergens that might have been left behind after removing the burrs.

Some people recommend soaking the affected area in warm water instead of washing it off with harsh chemicals like rubbing alcohol or soap, but this method may not always work as well as other methods because some types of burr are waterproof.