A Discussion about Appearance Discrimination in School

Posted on Jun 4, 2021 in School education

A Discussion about Appearance Discrimination in School

In many schools, appearance is a large factor in determining who gets popular and who needs to be excluded. As a result, many girls are bullied for their weight or how they look by male and female classmates. In addition, the school environment can make it hard for students to feel comfortable with themselves, leading them to make unhealthy lifestyle choices such as skipping meals or never going outside. This blog post will discuss how appearance discrimination affects girls early and what you can do about it!

Discriminate based on looks

The way we look is often the first thing people notice about us. But, too often, this can work against us in school and at work. Appearance discrimination occurs when someone’s looks are used to judge them unfairly-usually because of their gender or race. Recently, a woman was fired for wearing her hair in braids deemed “too ethnic.” This story demonstrates how appearance discrimination is still alive and well today. So, the question remains: what do you think? Does appearance matter? Is it fair game for employers to use your dress code as an excuse not to hire you? What would be your reaction if this happened to you?

physical features discrimination

Have you ever been judged for your appearance? How about in school? What if I told you that a study shows that girls who wear makeup and dress nicely are more likely to be bullied than those without any makeup or clothing. It’s not just the girls with these traits but also their peers. Girls who do not wear makeup and dress nicely are less likely to bully others because they understand what it feels like when someone judges them on their physical appearance. Let’s take this conversation online and share our experiences dealing with bullying at school.

Physical features discrimination

In a recent study by the American Association of University Women, it was revealed that girls are discriminated against in school based on their appearance. For example, girls who dress in more feminine clothes were punished or reprimanded for breaking rules that boys who dressed similarly did not face. This is just one example of many instances where women’s rights are violated and treated unfairly because of their gender. These injustices need to stop so we can all live freely without fear of being judged based on our appearance.

The most difficult part of being a woman in today’s society is the constant scrutiny and discrimination we face about our appearance. Whether it be a comment from a male colleague or an offhand remark from someone on the sidewalk, I’m constantly faced with unsolicited criticism about my body. It seems that no matter what I do to work towards self-acceptance, there will always be something that knocks me back down.

I’ll discuss one of those instances where my appearance came under attack: when females were banned from wearing their hair loose at my school. This was just one example of how girls are often treated as objects for men’s enjoyment instead of people who have feelings and desires all their own.